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360 Networking Meetings - Coronavirus update:

Following the Prime Minister’s statement on 16th March 2020, advising the UK public to avoid unnecessary social contact due to the Coronavirus, with attendees safety and health in mind, we have taken the decision to cancel all future 360 Networking meetings until the UK Government advise that it is considered safe to have normal social contact and social gatherings. We realise that this may be a disappointment and inconvenience and would like to offer our apologies. Annual members will see their membership period extended to compensate for the number of meetings which are cancelled.

We will provide details of when our meetings will resume to all our mailing list subscribers, please feel free to subscribe to receive such updates, if you haven’t already done so.

As an entrepreneur networking provides an excellent opportunity to raise your business profile, gain knowledge and feedback, form new connections, develop relationships and create opportunities, all of which are essential to ensuring the future development and success of your business

Businesslines “360 Networking” group offers a relaxed, friendly and no pressure opportunity to:

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Who Attend the 360 Networking Meetings?

The 360 Networking meetings attract a wide and diverse range of businesses, ranging from pre-start and new start-up businesses, to larger more established companies. For more information on the variety of businesses that have attended meetings recently, please see the following link:

Why Attend a 360 Networking Meeting?

Businessline attract thousands of business enquiries on an annual basis, ranging from new start-ups to established companies, to whom we’re able to directly raise awareness of the 360 Networking group. Not only will this result in well attended meetings, but it also ensures an ever changing demographic and fresh range of both trial and annual members. Meetings will of course therefore provide you with a continued opportunity to form new contacts, as well as developing working relationships with businesses that attend meetings on a regular basis.

By attending a meeting you not only have the opportunity to promote your business to the people in attendance of the networking session, but you will also be forming connections to each businesses own set of contacts and if you’re able to make an impression this may well result in a referral.

It’s important to remember also that networking isn’t just a one way exercise, if someone in your network could utilise the skills etc of a business you meet, don’t hesitate to share their details. It will only create a positive impression.

As with all networking sessions, results may not materialise immediately. One of the main aims of 360 networking is to provide a leading platform from which you will be able to raise awareness of your business. Additional referrals after the event, partnership offers, follow up meetings or even commitments to purchasing your products / services may well come to fruition over time.

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New Businesses

We realise that it’s particularly imperative for new start-ups to meet a wide variety of businesses ranging from website and graphic designers, through to accountants etc, as they look to launch and grow their market share. As many start-up businesses don’t fully realise the value of networking having never attended a business networking session and often lack initial finance to invest into attending meetings, pre-start / new businesses are provided with a single use free guest pass, allowing them to raise awareness of their products / services. This also provides our members with the opportunity to be amongst the first businesses to; introduce themselves, share their own experiences in business, provide suggestions and offer their services to the pre-start / newly registered business. Meetings therefore offer one of the best local means of generating new business start-up contacts.

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Existing Businesses

More established businesses that haven’t already attended a 360 meeting are also welcome to attend a single meeting as a free guest.

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Meeting Dates, Time and Venue

Meetings are normally held on the second Tuesday of each month, from 5:00pm - 6:45pm within the Atrium Suite (3rd Floor) of Redwither Tower (external link), Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham, LL13 9XT. Free parking is available.

360 Networking 2020 Meeting Dates:

To receive a monthly reminder of the next 360 Networking meeting date, please feel free to join the Businessline mailing list.

Meeting Agenda

Membership Options

After attending a meeting as a guest, we offer the following membership options:

Casual Membership

Casual membership allows you to attend meetings as and when convenient for a fee of £4.17 + VAT (£5.00) per meeting. This option is ideal for you if you aren’t in a position to be able to commit to attending meetings regularly. To attend meetings on a casual membership basis, simply use our online booking form to book your place to attend each meeting.

You would be welcome to upgrade your membership at any time. If you choose to enroll as annual member within a week of paying to attend a meeting, we’ll deduct £4.17 + VAT (£5.00) from the annual membership fee.

After attending a meeting you will be able to provide businesses you work with, meet or know with a free guest pass to attend a 360 Networking meeting. For every businesses that attends a meeting using the guest pass you have issued, you will earn a £1 discount on our annual membership fee. Please note; each business can only attend a meeting as a free guest once.

Annual Membership

Should you be interested in joining 360 Networking as an annual member for a fee of £40.00+ VAT (£48.00), please feel free to complete the application form. As well as being able to attend meetings as and when convenient, annual members will also receive the following benefits:

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