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Business Support Organisations

Businessline are able to make relevant referrals to other business support services as well as assisting other business support providers. Please feel free to select the most relevant option from those listed below for further information. Please note, if you are looking to identify other business support providers, which may be able to assist your business, feel free to contact Businessline directly, as we may be able to suggest additional support which may be available, specific to your requirements / market sector.

I run / work for a private sector business support service, how can Businessline help me?

If you are part of a private sector organisation providing support to businesses, you would be more than welcome to make use of our services to assist your clients. We are more than happy for you to contact us on their behalf and we don't require any details about your client, unless you would like us to contact them directly. For details of the resources available via Businessline please feel free to browse through either our service overview pack or web-pages for further information.

I work for a public sector business support service, how can Businessline help me?

As well as providing services to support your clients, with any relevant information either being sent to you or directly to your client, Businessline also run a quarterly networking meeting for organisations that deliver government funded business support services within the Wrexham area.

The Business Support Professionals Network (BSPN) meets four times a year and allows those attending to promote their services to the other business support providers so that each organisation is able to signpost clients to relevant services / organisations more effectively. It also provides the opportunity to meet one another, put names to faces and share information on what's new, what's changed and what events are coming up that may be of interest to clients.

If you deliver a government funded scheme within Wrexham and would like to keep-up to date with when and where meetings will take place, feel free to email businessline@wrexham.gov.uk with details of your name, organisation name and contact details.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have a query regarding any of the services Businessline are able to provide. You would be more than welcome to submit a request for further information using our online enquiries form or alternatively feel free to call into our office, within Wrexham Library, for a face-to-face meeting.

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