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Business Grants / Funding in Wrexham

Grants offer non-repayable finance which can help enable people / businesses to, for example:

In addition to grant funding opportunities, Businessline are also able to provide information on venture capital providers, loans, peer-to-peer platforms and competitions with a financial reward etc.

Utilising various resources we’re are able to provide access to both accurate and up-to-date information on local, regional and national funding schemes, which you may be eligible to receive.

At present very few grants are widely available in the Wrexham County Borough area, however, depending on your circumstances, your requirements or the nature of your business, funding may be available. Feel free to request a funding search by completing the form below and / or join the Businessline mailing list, to keep up-to-date with the availability funding opportunities. 

Many grants, especially those aimed at new businesses, tend to be awarded based on an individual’s personal circumstances.

To request a funding search, please feel free to complete the following form. Please note the information you provide could influence the number of funding schemes which are returned. The information provided will be based on funding schemes listed as being open for application on third party funding databases:


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