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Job Seekers

Would you like to work in a particular industrial sector or trade? If so, Businessline subscribes to a number of specialist business databases which we're able to search in response to your identified needs. Using our databases, we're able to generate tailored company listings of businesses operating in specific industry classifications. You could contact these with regards to job vacancies.

We're able to provide details such as the size of companies (both in terms of employee numbers and turnover), contact details i.e. telephone numbers and addresses, website addresses where available and named contacts within companies. Being able to ask to speak to a key decision maker within a company, or addressing a letter to them, could prove highly advantageous.

Information from our databases can be exported into a variety of formats, depending upon your requirements. For example, we're able to download data into spreadsheet format and this file could then be used as a source file for mail merge purposes.

All we need to know is where you are looking for work in terms of geographic location and what type of industry you wish to work in, such as engineering, accounts, general retail etc. Numerous search filters are available, thus enabling us to 'home in' on the companies that will prove to be of most interest to you.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to tell you if any companies have vacancies. However, the Job Centre or an employment agency would be able to provide with with further information. Please feel free to contact us for a list of the employment agencies based in your area.

Got an interview

If you have an interview with a company and need more information on them, we can help. Simply provide us with the company name and inform us as to whether you're looking for any specific details about the company. We have access to information for both local and national companies, from a variety of sources, such as databases, directories and company websites.

Wrexham Library service stocks a number of books aimed at individuals wishing to improve their interview technique, detailing how to write good CVs and letters of application etc., all of which are available for loan from the lending library. Businessline also maintains a selection of recruitment books aimed at employers, and these could provide you with an insight into the interview process from their perspective.

Struggling to find employment

Have you ever considered starting your own business? Please feel free to contact us if you would be interested in finding out more about self employment. For more information on the range of services we're able to provide to individuals looking to start their own business, please refer to the business start-ups section of our website.

Please feel free to download a Businessline service overview pack, which provides a more comprehensive insight into a selection of our most popular services and resources. Business start-up packs are available free of charge; please feel free to request a copy using our online enquiry form below.

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