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Raise the profile of your business for FREE

Each month Businessline circulate a newsletter to hundreds of local business people via email. If you would like to share your knowledge within your area of expertise to benefit enterprises, Businessline offer free article space of up to 250 words.

The benefits of submitting an article:

At the end of articles we will include a prominent feature on your business, detailing your business name, telephone number, email address, website address, logo together with a profile photo of the person who has written the article, to make your business feature more eye-catching. Should a reader click on your end of article feature within our e-newsletter they will be directed to your businesses website for further information on the range of services you’re able to offer.

What should my article include?

Articles could be used as a means of demonstrating / showcasing your knowledge in your area of business, which may in turn help you secure increased sales / enquiries. Articles must not however be written in the form of an advert promoting your business; instead, the aim of articles should be to provide enterprises with useful business focused advice, tips and suggestions, which could help to influence an entrepreneurs knowledge, skills or awareness in a specific area of business and improve their future prospects or performance for instance. As an example, a website optimisation business could provide an article detailing easy-to-implement techniques to improve website visibility on search engines.

Article space availability:

Free article space is limited and will be awarded on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. However, all articles that are submitted will be saved and incorporated into future editions of our newsletter. If you are interested in having an article featured within an edition of our e-newsletter, feel free to contact us for further information (contact details can be found at the bottom of this web-page) or submit your article by email and we will inform you as to the likely month in which your article will feature. We reserve the right to exclude any adverts we deem inappropriate.

Share details and raise awareness of your achievements:

The achievements of Wrexham based SME’s are often overlooked, due to relatively few channels through which to publicise successes directly to the local business community, with commendable achievements therefore going largely un-noticed on many occasions. In a bid to help inspire local entrepreneurs / individuals thinking of starting their own enterprise and to celebrate the success of local businesses, we would be delighted to feature details of any awards you or your business have recently won or been nominated for, together with any other newsworthy successes / achievements by your business, within our monthly e-newsletter. Any such feature on your business would also include your business name, telephone number, email address, website address, logo together with a group or profile photo of any relevant representatives of your enterprise.

If you would like to submit news of any notable achievements by your business for inclusion within an edition of Businesslines e-newsletter please feel free to provide details to Businessline (contact details can be found at the bottom of this web-page). We reserve the right to exclude any features we deem inappropriate.  

Advertising Opportunities

We’re able to offer the choice of three advert sizes (subject to availability). The artwork dimensions available and associated costs are as follows:

Quarter Page: 12.5cm high x 9.4cm wide £20 + VAT (£24) for one month
Half Page: 12.5cm high x 19.5cm wide £40 + VAT (£48) for one month
Full Page: 28cm high x 19.5cm wide £80 + VAT (£96) for one month

If you’re interested in placing an advert in a future edition of our newsletter, please contact us for more information and to determine the current availability of advertising spaces.

If spaces are currently available, artwork will need to be provided by 5pm on the 20th of each month. Adverts will be accepted on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Should no advertising spaces be available within the next edition of our newsletter we would be more than happy to reserve advertising space within a future edition for you. If your advert is date-sensitive (e.g. to coincide with an anniversary or special event), please contact us to discuss this further.

We reserve the right to exclude any adverts we deem inappropriate.

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