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Discover the availability of free business support in Wrexham. By completing our online enquiry form you will be able to request information to assist you with starting your business or to arrange an appointment. Our online investment guide also highlights why Wrexham could be the ideal location for your business.

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We understand that starting your own business can be an exciting yet daunting experience. Businessline at Wrexham Library subscribes to a number of specialist and market leading resources allowing us to provide a wide variety of services, specifically aimed at individuals looking to enter the world of self-employment. Regardless of what stage you're at, we can help.

Rather than spending hours trying to find out how to start your business, allow us to provide you with easy to follow guidance and information, which will help you; discover any funding you may be entitled to receive, choose the right legal status for your business, identify any trading issues to be aware of and analyse the potential of the market etc.

As a brief overview, our resources will help you:

Let us take the uncertainty out of decisions you may need to make by supplying you with authoritative, current and relevant information, the large majority of which can be provided completely FREE of charge. We pride ourselves on being both cost-effective and efficient.

Starting a business checklist

Please view the Businessline overview pack for a more detailed insight into the range of services we're able to provide.

Services and Resources Aimed at New Businesses

A few of the specialist electronic resources and business tools we're able to make available to you include:

Starting and Running A Business Guides

Businessline are able to provide access to a wealth of information to assist anyone starting a business.  Information on any mandatory qualifications, licenses which would need to be held, regulations to be aware of, possible means of promotion etc can be provided, which specifically relate to the type of business you are looking to start. To request information to help you start your business please feel free to complete our business start-up enquiry form.

In addition a wide variety of factsheets (external link) are also available which will aim to assist you with the day to day running of your business; covering topics such as building customer loyalty, understanding balance sheets and terms and conditions of sale etc. Please contact Businessline or alternatively complete our online enquiry form specifying the number together with the title of the factsheet(s) (external link) of interest.

Market Research  - IBIS World Reports

When starting a new business it’s important to identify whether there will be sufficient demand for your services / products before investing any capital into your launching your venture. Businessline subscribe to a range of market leading research reports, from which we’re able to provide a wealth of market intelligence covering a diverse spectrum of market sectors / interests. Information, which is ideal for supporting business plans and funding applications, highlighting both current and predicted future trends within particular market sectors can be provided, together with local demographic data, footfall statistics and tourism trends for example.
One of the most notable market research providers we’re able to provide FREE access to is IBIS World, who are one of the UK's richest source of business and industry information. Reports, which would cost around £500 to purchase, provide independent, accurate, comprehensive, and current research on 100s of market sectors in the UK, including statistics, analysis and forecasts.
You will be able to view reports as reference items in full within Wrexham Library. An overview of some of the areas analysed within reports can be found below:

Industry Performance

  • Key External Drivers
  • Current Performance
  • Industry Outlook
  • Industry Life Cycle

Products and Markets

  • Supply Chain
  • Products and Services
  • Demand Determinates

Competitive Landscape

  • Key Success Factors
  • Cost Structure Benchmarks
  • Basis of Competition
  • Barriers to entry

Key Statistics

  • Industry Data
  • Annual Change
  • Key ratios

Please feel free to contact us or alternatively complete our online enquiry form if you would like to identify whether any reports are available which relate to your business idea or access local data.

Specialist Business Databases

Businessline subscribe to Experians business-to-business marketing database from which we're able to provide:

  • Business to business mailing, telesales or e-mail marketing lists in spreadsheet format, which include a contact name for a key decision maker within the business.
  • Details of your local, regional or even national competitors allowing you to analyse the size of the businesses in terms of employee numbers, their location and view their websites (where provided) to possibly identify a niche in the market or a unique selling point for your business?
  • Statistical breakdowns of businesses based within specific geographical areas, by business type, employee and turnover ranges etc.

Please contact Businessline or alternatively complete our online enquiry form if you would like us to assist you with sourcing relevant suppliers for your business or identifying your competitors.

Market your business effectively

Attracting clients / sales can often be one of the most difficult aspects of starting a new business and will of course prove critical to the future success of your enterprise. Businessline, as well as subscribing to numerous specialist resources which can be of use for specific marketing related purposes, also offer a number of marketing related initiatives, which include opportunities to:

Document / contract templates and model policies:

Businessline are able to provide free access to in excess of 1,000 up-to-date and customisable business documents from the Indicator – FL Memo Tips and Advice Business Database, which covers topics such as employment law, fire safety, HR, health and safety, checklists for business, finance management and accountancy etc. All documents are written concisely in plain English and are ready for immediate use, allowing for efficient business management whilst also saving you time and money.

Some of the most popular model policies / document include:

Terms and conditions of sale

  • Terms and conditions of sale to a consumer
  • Business-to-business terms and conditions of sale
  • Terms and conditions for supply of services to business customers
  • Online terms and conditions - sale of services to a consumer
  • Online terms and conditions - business to consumer - sale of goods contract
  • Sale of goods agreement


  • Copyright assignment (of designs created for your business / company)
  • Confidentiality agreement (when allowing a third party to have access to your business information or data)
  • Letter or confidentiality (a less formal option to a confidentiality agreement, usually entered into at an early stage of any negotiations / discussions)
  • GDPR privacy notice
  • Subcontracting agreement
  • Invoice Template
  • Invoice reminder letter
  • Risk assessment template
  • Risk assessment audit
  • Credit account application form (for customers who ask for a credit facility)
  • Letter confirming verbal order
  • No contract letter (in response to a verbal contract allegation)
  • Personal guarantee of payment (for a potential customer with poor references)


  • Partnership agreement
  • Limited liability partnership agreement

Please feel free to contact us or alternatively complete our online enquiry form if you would like to access any documents or advice available via this resource.

Experian - Credit Reports / Ratings

Safeguard your enterprise from working with businesses that have a poor credit score. Whether you would like to investigate if a company has the means to pay for any goods / services you have been requested to supply, or to safeguard yourself from entering into business with any suppliers in a poor financial situation, the free credit reports we're able to provide from Experian will offer you peace of mind. Information contained within reports include:

  • A general company summary
  • Financial breakdowns and risk information
  • Ownership and director details
  • Credit score and credit limit changes on a monthly basis
  • Payment performance information is also available for many companies

Reports are available for any limited company within the UK, briefer reports are also available for many sole traders. Should you be working with businesses trading outside of the UK; reports are also available for foreign companies, however a fee would be applicable to obtain this information.

Business Library

Our business library provides free access to a wide range of books aimed at both new and existing businesses. General books regarding self employment are available to loan together with books dedicated to writing a business plan, social media marketing or even starting specific types of businesses. We also provide access to specialist hard copy directories of suppliers, newspaper and magazine publications within the UK and the Municipal Yearbook which provides contact details for heads of departments within local authorities throughout the UK to name just a few. For more information on how to join Wrexham Library service and to browse our online catalogue for titles of interest, please see our business library page for further information.

Local Business Discounts

A number of local business discounts are available and can be viewed via our business-to-business discounts web-page, which both new and existing businesses are welcome to take advantage of.

Business Networking / Events in Wrexham

If you're interested in networking with businesses in the Wrexham area or discovering local business events, please see the networking and events section of our web pages for further information and to join our mailing list. By doing so, you will receive regular event / network meeting updates, together with our monthly newsletter detailing the launch of new grant funding, which you may be eligible to receive, for example.

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