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Economic Benefits

The North Wales Prison project expected to bring a significant economic boost to the local and regional economy, during both construction and operation.   These benefits are already beginning to be recognised.

Wrexham County Borough Council, the North Wales Economic Ambition Board and the North Wales Business Council worked hard with the project owners and key stakeholders to ensure that the economic benefits – jobs, work for local suppliers etc. – stayed within the local and regional area.

Lendlease, the main contractor, committed to delivering a number of economic and community benefits during construction.   Below you can see the final local commitment figures (dated January 2017) achieved throughout the construction phase of the project.   All targets were achieved and some exceeded.

Local Commitment Figures (dated January 2017)

In Operation

Estimates indicate that the project is worth around £23m in annual revenue to the regional economy creating up to 1,000 jobs.

Wrexham County Borough Council, with partners, will continue to look at ways to maximise the benefit to the local economy as we now move into operational phase of the project.