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Wrexham’s Children and Young People’s Participation Strategy 2017 - 2020


This Wrexham’s Children and Young People’s Participation Strategy 2017 - 2020 sets out how Wrexham County Borough embeds its long standing commitment to participation with children and young people with decision making processes through consultation, engagement and professional observations.

The Participation Strategy is specifically concerned with how children and young people are involved in decision making and work through this strategy will support participation to address all aspects of planning, delivering and reviewing services within Wrexham Council. This strategy is fundamental to the local authority rights based approach for children and young people and sits under the Local Authority’s Corporate Wrexham’s Involvement Strategy 2018 -2020 and therefore supports the aims, objectives and principles of this overarching document. Department specific engagement plans should therefore be developed in line with the aims and objectives of this Strategy and in doing so support its implementation

The duty on Wrexham Council is supported by its Wrexham’s Involvement Strategy 2018 - 2020 and this Strategy aims to provide and develop opportunities and initiatives that put the children and young people at the heart of participation in Wrexham.