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ICT & Digital Strategy 2017-2020

The purpose of this document is to define Wrexham Council’s ICT and Digital Strategy for the years 2017 through to 2020 and how this will support and enable the Council’s Strategic vision and priorities.
Wrexham Council has a vision, outlined in the Council Plan 2017 -2022, to be “a strong and inclusive community leader” ensuring “Wrexham and its people are supported to fulfil their potential, prosper and achieve a high standard of well-being”.

In support of this the Council has identified four strategic themes: People, Place, Economy and Organisation, each of which contains a number of priority outcomes.

ICT & Digital services will play a fundamental role in supporting all of these priorities:

The Organisation Development and Workforce Strategy will complement this Strategy by providing the workforce with the necessary framework and support needed to deliver the digital agenda.

Our aim is to “use the power of digital technology to transform the way the Council works and how we engage and support our communities”

Our overriding principle for ICT & Digital services is to “Simplify, standardise and share”