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Local Housing Strategy 2018 – 2023

This Local Housing Strategy explains the priorities and actions for housing and housing related services, which will help to improve the quality of life for the residents of Wrexham County Borough until 2023 and play a part in securing economic and employment benefits for the area.

Our vision is:

“To provide the right types of good quality homes in safe, attractive and supportive communities that meet the needs of people living in the County Borough.”

This is an exciting time for housing in the County Borough, as part of this vision involves the building of new Council homes for the first time in 28 years.

The previous Local Housing Strategy was written in 2013 and although the economic and housing situations have changed, there are aspects that are still relevant for the forthcoming strategy period. So, the themes will continue to be:

This is not a social Housing Strategy but one that considers all types of housing and housing services needed to support the people of the County Borough, now and in the future. It is also key to the effective delivery of Wrexham County Borough’s Council Plan and its Well-Being Objectives. Although focused on housing, it does have a significant impact on other areas of work, which will benefit those who live, work and visit the County Borough.