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Wrexham Connected - Providing Travel Choices For All

Our Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan 2016

Wrexham Connected will become the umbrella for all transport planning activity across the County Borough over the next 20 years.

It sets a clear vision for the future of transport. Wrexham Connected brings together, in one place, our overall direction for transport planning, creating real choices in how we move people and goods around and finding new ways of funding infrastructure.

It tackles the key issues of access to employment, education, healthcare, shopping, and leisure. It recognises the strategic value and hub role of Wrexham and the vital relationship we have, not only across North Wales and the rest of Wales but also with Ireland, Merseyside, the Midlands and the wider northern powerhouse.

Wrexham is growing. 11,000 new homes and 7,500 jobs over the next 10 years could bring over 18,000 people into our area. Our transport solutions have to be sustainable, they have to be balanced and they have to be workable long term.

That’s why we started on the journey to create Wales’ first Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan back in 2014. The SUMP sets out the ‘big picture’ and makes it clear that we are talking about transport solutions that are made up of physical, technological, operational and behavioural measures.

Our projects and initiatives will need to blend together if we are to accommodate long term sustainable economic growth, and still give people and businesses choices about how they move about.