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Shared Lives Scheme Opportunity

Start doing something extraordinary with your life...

The Shared Lives Scheme is looking for ordinary people who are committed and caring and who would be willing to spare a few hours each week supporting Older vulnerable adults and those individuals with dementia/early onset dementia.

We are currently looking to recruit Shared Lives carers to this role. This can often be flexible around your family life and any other work commitments.

Anyone can become a Shared Lives carer: you may have already worked in Social Care, or cared for relatives, or have no experience at all. In short, Shared Lives carers are ordinary people doing extraordinary jobs.

Shared Lives carers will be required to provide individuals with an independent supportive and caring environment here they’ll get the chance to participate in family and community life, something they may never have experienced before.

Interested? For further information, please contact:

Tel: 01978 292066