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Welfare Rights

Help to claim benefits you may be entitled to

The Welfare Rights Unit (WRU) provides advice and representation on all Welfare Benefits issues including Social Security and Tax Credit payments. This work helps individuals and the authority, which is committed to the promotion of Financial Inclusion.

To be seen by a Welfare Rights Officer, a person needs to fit a certain criteria. Generally speaking this means that they have some form of prior contact or assistance from Social Services. Anyone, however, who lives or works in the Wrexham County Borough Council area can telephone the Unit’s Benefits Advice Line for advice and information. We aim to answer queries in a clear and helpful way within 24 hours.

As part of Wrexham Councils Re-shaping and Difficult Decisions programmes, it has been decided that a fee now applies to certain clients of the Welfare Rights Service.

For further information regarding this, please contact:

Wrexham Council Welfare Rights Unit Advice Line

Tel: (01978) 298255

Monday to Friday: 09.30 am to 12.00 pm

E-mail: welfarerights@wrexham.gov.uk

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