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School Governors

Each school has a governing body which plays an important part in the life of the school.

Governing Bodies are made up of local people and will include parents; persons appointed by the Local Authority, teachers, staff, the headteacher and may include representatives of the local community and representatives of the church. The number of members will depend upon the size of the school.

The governing body has a general responsibility for the strategic management, which means:

Governing bodies have a range of duties and powers in legislation:

Governors Wales has a considerable amount of information on all aspects of school governing bodies and can be accessed via their website www.governorswales.org.uk  or telephone 0845 60 20 100.

Parent Governors

All school governing bodies include parent governors who are normally elected by parents of registered pupils at the school. Further information can be obtained directly from the school.

Local Authority Governors

Individuals nominated as Local Authority Governors should be able to demonstrate:

In addition, Local Authority Governor nominees should not:

If you would like to be considered for appointment as a Local Authority Governor please complete the attached Application Form and return it to governorsupport@wrexham.gov.uk

The Local Authority has a range of vacancies and appoint Local Authority governors on a monthly basis.