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Important Information about School Funding

Your child’s school relies on funding from the Local Authority, the region and the Welsh Government. One area you might be able to help your child’s school is enabling them to access Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG) funding. This funding is available to schools for children who qualify for free school meals via the eligibility criteria.

If you are eligible to receive free school meals it is very important to your child’s school that you apply. This registers the school for additional grant funding from Welsh Government.

If you don’t apply, your child’s school will miss out on funding which could go towards equipment, resources, targeted support programmes or ICT enhancements.

If your child prefers to take a packed lunch or make other arrangements, it is still important to register for free school meals for your school to receive the additional funding.

This year the additional funding is worth £1150 for each child that qualifies.

Your child may be eligible for free school meals if you are in receipt of any of the following benefits/ support payments:

You can access the application form and further information from our website:

Forms are also available from our Contact Centre on Lord Street.

If you are already in receipt of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit from WCBC please call the Support Services section on 01978 297413 to discuss your eligibility for free school meals.