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Wrexham Youth Justice Service

What do we do?

Wrexham Youth Justice Service (YJS) works with children and young people aged 10 – 17 years in order to prevent offending and re-offending. We are a multi-agency team of professional staff who work within the Youth Justice system, and receive funding from the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales, Welsh Assembly Government and local Strategic Partnerships.

We work closely with the Youth Courts and implement a range of statutory orders that the Courts impose. This includes working with young people who are sent to custody and their resettlement back into the community upon their release.

We have a comprehensive Prevention agenda which encompasses a Community and Restorative Team. This involves working with partners in the community on delivering initiatives and interventions that focus on supporting children and young people who are considered to be at risk of offending and/ or may be involved in ant-social behaviour in their communities.

The YJS delivers an Out- of Court Disposal process, called ‘The Bureau’. We work closely with North Wales Police to assess the young person and their offending behaviour and liaise with their victims when appropriate, with a view to finding a restorative solution and disposal, that results in the young person not going to court. The YJS delivers a range of interventions with the young person, including advice and guidance offered to parents/ carers, to prevent further offending.

We have a growing number of volunteers, who offer support to the team by undertaking a variety of roles that include ‘The Bureau Panel, Appropriate Adult and Referral Panel Members. People of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to become involved.

A major focus of our work is enabling young people to take responsibility for their behaviour and actions, and understand the harm that their offending causes others. We work closely with victims and encourage young people to undertake activities that repair the harm to individuals and to the wider community.


A Wrexham which is safe and crime free for all, where young people are valued citizens within the community.

Mission statement

The purpose of Wrexham Youth Justice Service is to work with young people and their families, victims and neighbourhoods, providing structured interventions aimed at prevention, rehabilitation and the causes of crime within the Welsh county of Wrexham, reducing the impact, fear and volume of crime.

Always striving to provide the best professional, multi-disciplinary service, committed to innovative and effective practice, which is evidence- based and anti-discriminatory.