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Making Iron - Fantasy Ironworks

Bersham Ironworks evolved and expanded during the 18th century. This is how it could have looked based on our knowledge of the site from archaeological excavations, historic plans, the Westaway Rowe drawings, our knowledge of how an 18th century ironworks operated and some artistic license.

Two miles from Wrexham is Bersham iron furnace belonging to Messrs. J. and W. Wilkinson... Besides the smelting furnaces, there are several air furnaces for re-melting the pig iron, and casting it into cylinders, water pipes, boilers, pots, pans of all sizes, cannon and ball, etc. The cannon are cast solid and bored like a wooden pipe. There are also forges for making the cast iron malleable, and a newly erected foundry....

A contemporary description of Bersham Ironworks, before 1795

Fantasy Ironworks Illustration - view large version - © Wrexham Heritage Services

18th century tokens showing processes in the manufacture of iron. - © National Museum Wales