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Brymbo Man Revealed

Introducing Brymbo Man

In August 1958 local workmen including Ron Pritchard were digging a pipe trench near No.79 Cheshire View, Brymbo, near Wrexham, when they found more than they expected: a large capstone about 1ft/30cm below the surface. They had found Brymbo Man.

Cist is pronounced the same as 'kissed'.

When archaeologists from the National Museum of Wales arrived to investigate, they excavated a stone lined box or cist beneath the capstone. Inside the cist were the incomplete remains of a skeleton, a small earthenware pot and a flint knife.

His grave and the pot, known to archaeologists as a Beaker, date Brymbo Man to the early Bronze Age, probably about 1600BC.

Until recently we knew little about Brymbo Man. Modern scientific techniques and greater knowledge of the distant past mean this is no longer the case. Read on to find out more about Brymbo's oldest known resident.

What do we know about the Bronze Age?

But what was life like during Brymbo Man's time...?

A glimpse into the world of Brymbo Man