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Wild Daffodil

About Wild Daffodil

Name Narcissus pseudonarcissus
Also Known As Lent Lily, Easter Lily, Daffys. The name in Welsh translates as Peter's Leek.
Habitat Wild Daffodils - meadows, woodland, coppices, hedgerows and riverbanks.
Plant Type perennial
Traditions and Culture The daffodil became a popular Welsh symbol in the 19th Century. Lloyd George used it to symbolise Wales at the 1911 Investiture and in official publications. Until then the leek had been the pre-eminent plant to symbolise Wales. The Welsh daffodil could be the Tenby daffodil, a plant unique in the wild to Pembrokeshire. In England the daffodil inspired amongst others William Wordsworth to write his famous poem "Daffodils."
Size 30-50cm (12-20")
Flowering Season March - April
Distinguishing Features Wild daffodils are smaller than the cultivated varieties.
Please Do Not Pick