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Nice to Meet You!

Whether you are a regular or it’s your first time, we will be pleased to see you and we want you to enjoy your visit.

There’s plenty to see in your new museum:

Brief Encounter

Pressed for time? Or perhaps it will be your first visit to Wrexham County Borough Museum & Archives?

These are our top tips for families:

  1. Meet Brymbo Man face to face
  2. Follow your nose through the streets of Victorian Wrexham
  3. Rebuild a medieval castle from its ruins
  4. Seek out the latest weird and wonderful artefact in the Curiosity Case
  5. Take a break in the Bwtri with some excellent Welsh food and drink

These are our six suggestions for adults:

  1. Listen to the news of Brymbo Man’s discovery before meeting him face to face
  2. Take part in the Dating Game. Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know all the answers!
  3. Admire the skill of Bronze Age smiths who made the Rossett Hoard
  4. Watch a film in the Hippodrome. No ticket required!
  5. Dip into life in Victorian Wrexham by reading the Borough Reporter. The 21st century is a dull place in comparison!
  6. Relax in the Bwtri, the museum coffee shop, and watch the world go past from the most historic venue in town!