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WCBC Play Development Team

The WCBC Play Development Team are experienced playworkers, committed to enabling the Local Authority to make sure all Wrexham’s children have access to enough time, space and permission for play as part of their everyday lives.

Every child in Wrexham has a right to play, however, we recognise the detrimental impacts some adult agendas and perceptions can have on the freedom and independence children need to play and the responsibility of the Local Authority to address this.

The Play Development Team works with other Local Authority departments and partner agencies, encouraging individuals to recognise their impacts on children’s play; advocating for play to be considered in the planning of local services; enhancing the development and delivery of playwork projects, and providing ongoing practical advice to families, communities and professionals in their support of children’s right to play.

Through the work of the Play Development Team, Wrexham as a county will place a greater value and emphasis on children’s right to play and, by increasing opportunities for play within local communities, we will enhance children’s experience of growing up in Wrexham.