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Wrexham Rights Of Way Improvement Plan

Wrexham County Borough Council is committed to working towards improving its rights of way network and providing equal opportunities for all. We have spent over two year’s, listening to a whole variety of different views from organisations and individuals about our rights of way in Wrexham and what we should do to make them easier to use and more relevant to both local communities and visitors. We trust we have captured these priorities in the Statement of Action.

We know from the public consultation that people want a better maintained and easily accessible network of public rights of way. The amount of money required to completely open the rights of way network in Wrexham, is approximately £700,000 and then a further quarter of a million pounds per year would be required to keep this newly opened network open and well maintained.

If this is put into the context of a steadily declining Council budget for all its services, it can be seen that Wrexham County Borough Council will not be able to achieve this ideal goal of a fully opened network, without significant resources from elsewhere. Therefore, this Rights of Way improvement Plan must be seen not just as a plan of action of what we hope to achieve over the next ten years, but as a bidding document, to external funders to support us in our efforts to improve the quality of Wrexham’s rights of way. We will judge the success of this approach in the years to come.