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Disabled Access to the Countryside

Access to the countryside is important for everyone. The health benefits of exercise, combined with the sense of well-being from having contact with nature, can make the countryside experience exhilarating.

Unfortunately access for all is not always possible. Much of the County Borough is very hilly and this fact alone rules out a great number of potential routes for the less-able person. Also, farming in the uplands tends to revolve around livestock, especially sheep, and this type of land-use demands secure fencing and stiles. Gaps and wicket gates are usually out of the question and even kissing-gates can be problematic for both the farmer and the less-able user.

However, in other areas the council has been active making certain paths more accessible by taking out stiles and leaving gaps where possible, or replacing the stiles with gates. If you know of a path where local people would benefit from such changes please let us know.

With the charity Groundwork North Wales as partners, we have collected together some details of eight countryside locations accessible to more severely disabled people. Most are in the county borough but we have included two favourite places not far from our borders.

Send us your photos!

Email your favourite digital photos taken on these walks - a selection of the best will be used to illustrate this walks page. Your name will be credited to the pictures. People, buildings, landscapes, wildlife - all sorts of images will be considered, as long as they are taken on the walk. Be sure to state on which walk your photos were taken. See disclaimer. Send to rightsofway@wrexham.gov.uk.

If you have a favourite walk that is not featured in the above publication and is either suitable for wheelchair users or for the less-able person, please let us know and we can add it to this website so that others can enjoy it, email: rightsofway@wrexham.gov.uk.


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