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The Welsh Wizards - Kick Off

March 25th 1876 was an historic day. Eleven men walked onto a pitch and did something never done before: they played football for Wales. Unfortunately, Wales lost 4-0 but the Scots had been practising for four years.

Who was the inspiration behind Wales' first football team?

In January 1876 Llewelyn Kenrick from Ruabon saw a letter in a London sports paper challenging the Welsh to create a football team. Kenrick took up the challenge. He advertised for players and held trials in Wrexham.

Llewelyn did not achieve all this alone. He and his fellow football enthusiasts created The Football Association of Wales to help organise the team.

Llewelyn first wrote down the words "The Football Association of Wales" at a meeting in the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham on February 2nd 1876.

The ballroom in the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Ruabon, was where they drew up the FAW constitution. They argued so long that the local policeman came in to call time. Luckily Sir Watkin Williams Wynn was there.

He was the local JP so he went next door, opened the Court, extended the hotel's licensing hours so they could finish their meeting.

What do you get if you have two solicitors, a doctor, a divinity student, an insurance clerk, a fireman, a soldier, a clerk, a coal miner, a chimney top maker and a timber merchant?

Wales' first football team.


Do you know the difference between a dribbler and a handler in the 19th century?


Dribblers played like modern day footballers. Handlers played more like modern day rugger players.