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Highways Maintenance Standards and Frequencies

The Highways Maintenance Division of the Environment Department deals with the majority of maintenance within the highway.

Online Highway Maintenance

Aspects covered include maintenance of footways, carriageways, highway surface water drainage, street lighting, signs, roads markings, traffic signals, out of town centre car parks and some rural grass verges. In addition, the division deals with the co-ordination and control of works by utility companies and with emergencies, particularly related to weather, such as frost, snow and rain, and also general matters such as the result of roads traffic accidents.

The division aims to keep the highways safe and also to maintain structural condition. Safety is accomplished by regular inspections and resultant minor works. Structural integrity is maintained by detailed surveys and programmes of major works.

Aspects covered by other divisions of the department includes maintenance of bridges, town centre car parks and street nameplates.

The following provides a fuller insight into work of the division and the standards involved.