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‘What’s Important to You?’ 2015 Consultation

On 23 January 2015, the ‘What’s Important to You?’ consultation began.

The purpose of this consultation was to understand whether the services offered by Wrexham County Borough Council are meeting the needs of the public, in order to assist the Council in determining which services to promote over the forthcoming year.  It asked people how important they considered various services to be, and also how satisfied they were with current provision in that service area.  As well as a survey, there was also a consultation event held with invited members of the public and representatives of Town and Community Councils.

The results of the consultation were used to feed into a Members workshop in early March 2015, where Members were considering performance targets for different service areas in the forthcoming year.  Heads of Departments have also used the results to help them consider which services may need more focus on for the forthcoming year.

The consultation closed on 20 February 2015.