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A-Z Services Directory - D

Service Contact
Dangerous Structures planning@wrexham.gov.uk
Day Care Services socialservices@wrexham.gov.uk
Day & Employment Opportunities Service socialservices@wrexham.gov.uk
Dead animals Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Dealing with Crime Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Dealing with Disability Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Debt, and the Credit Crunch Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Development Control planning@wrexham.gov.uk
Development in my Area planning@wrexham.gov.uk
Development Plans planning@wrexham.gov.uk
Directors, Chief Executive and Chief Officers of Wrexham Council Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Disabled Facility Grants planning@wrexham.gov.uk
Disabled People in Buildings, Access for planning@wrexham.gov.uk
Disabled Parking - Blue Badge Parking Scheme socialservices@wrexham.gov.uk
Diversion Orders (Public Rights of Way Notices) rightsofway@wrexham.gov.uk
Diversity & Equality equality@wrexham.gov.uk
Divorce Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Documents - Key Council Documents Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Dog Fouling Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Dog Warden Service (Stray Dogs) Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Domestic Violence 0808 80 10 800
Drainage and Sewerage Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Driving (Learning to Drive) Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Dropped Kerbs traffic@wrexham.gov.uk
Drugs - Syringes / SHARPS Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Dustbins Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk