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Advice to Householders

As previously stated, if asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are in good condition and are not disturbed or damaged then fibres will not be released and will not, therefore, pose a risk. It is best to leave these well alone.

ACMs may be found in domestic properties of all types built prior to the late 1980’s but those built or renovated between1950 to late 1970’s would be more likely to contain them. The removal of ACMs is a specialist undertaking and should not be attempted by householders, indeed work on many ACMs requires contractors to hold a Special Asbestos Contractors Licence. Further advice regarding asbestos may be gained from telephoning the Health and Safety Section of Public Protection on Tel: 01978 298989. However, sampling of asbestos cannot be undertaken by the Council.

The most commonly encountered ACM in domestic premises in the Wrexham area is asbestos cement products. These may be in the form of gutters and rainwater pipes, water tanks and sheeting material used for garages, sheds and barns. If you have any of these materials which are in good condition it may be best to leave well alone. Do not use pressure washes or wire brushes to clean asbestos cement products as this will release fibres. It is best not to disturb this material at all.

If, for example, you have a few sheets or lengths of guttering etc which have been stored in your garden, these may be safely removed to the Bryn Lane Civic Amenity Site, Wrexham Industrial Estate. You should first wrap the items in plastic and you must not break, cut or saw them (this will release fibres). A dedicated skip for asbestos cement is situated at key amenity sites.