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Wrexham Town Walk : Town Hall

The Town Hall demolished in 1940 to allow the traffic to pass more freely was built in 1713. However, since medieval times there had been a court house and manorial prison on the site. A town guide printed in 1912 describes the Town Hall as follows:

"Situate in High Street. The lower part was formerly used as a market, where eggs, butter etc were sold, but the space between the stone pillars which kept up the structure has been built up and shops and a wine and spirits store are kept. The upper part formed the Town Hall proper, having been used for magistrates' meetings, lectures etc. The walls are lined with old oak panels and the magistrates' bench and dock still exist, it is now used for a cloth warehouse."

Historic Image of the Town Hall

Charles I is said to have made a speech to the people of Wrexham here, while in 1583 Richard Gwynn, a Catholic priest, was held in the Black Chamber (Y Siambr Ddu), the manorial lock-up, before being taken along the road to the Beast Market to be hung, drawn and quartered. His grisly end probably took place just outside Tesco's.

Turn left into Hope Street.