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Active Wrexham Volunteer Pathway (Community)

The Active Wrexham Volunteer Pathway offers volunteers the opportunity to build their experiences of leadership in sport. The programme will help you to develop your leadership skills whilst volunteering with clubs within the Wrexham area. Not only will the skills you develop benefit you in sports leadership but also in other areas of life such as school and work.

Whatever the sport or physical activity you wish to volunteer in we will support you. The only requirements are that the club or group is based in the Wrexham County Borough and you are actively volunteering at least one hour every three months.  If you are aged 16 or above you will also have to complete a DBS check before we can allow you to volunteer on our pathway.

Aims Of The Pathway

Benefits To The Volunteer

Volunteering Roles

Volunteering Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have any problems?

You are always welcome to contact the volunteer coordinator, any member of staff within the sports development department or the level 2 coach/Mentor at the session you may be volunteering at.

Do I have to go to my first session on my own?

No, the volunteer coordinator will attend the first session with you. You are never expected to work outside your ability, and there will always be a qualified coach who you will work alongside. If you have any problems the volunteer coordinator will be there to resolve any of the issues for you.

Will I have to run the sessions on my own?

No, there will always be a qualified coach at the session with you. You will never be left alone with the children. If you are ever left in a situation where you are left alone, contact the volunteer’s coordinator to resolve the issue.

What if I want to volunteer in more than one sport?

You are more than welcome to volunteer in more than one sport. Please let the volunteer coordinator know and this can be arranged.