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Wrexham Parks Strategy

This is the first Parks Strategy for Wrexham County Borough as the parks development has been guided through the Countryside Recreation Strategy (1993) and Countryside Strategy (2002) in the past. The strategy covers the period 2009 to 2014.

The purpose of developing a Parks Strategy is to develop a shared vision between Wrexham County Borough Council members, the local community and park users of what our parks should look like and how we will use them over the next 5 years. It was felt due to their size, complexity and competing demands placed upon them, a Parks Strategy was needed to guide their development.

The Parks Strategy seeks to define the value of our parks and create a policy framework to enable us to protect, enhance and make the parks more accessible. It will help to ensure the parks enhance the quality and diversity of our wildlife and landscape. The strategy will help people to understand what role they can play in caring for their parks.

The Parks Strategy provides the framework and the Action Plan sets out how we will achieve the work. The park management plans translate the over all aims of the strategy into specific actions on the ground. Where grants are indicated as a source of revenue, a specific grant has not been allocated to each project as grants information becomes quickly dated. Any project requiring large funds would have to be supported though grant aid.

The strategy is non statutory, but is set within the framework of key national and local strategies and policies.

The management and delivery of the strategy will be through the Parks, Countryside and Public Rights of Way Service, in partnership with other Wrexham County Borough Council Departments, Countryside Council For Wales, Community Councils, Friends Groups, community groups and other interested partners.