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Mines, Moorland & Mountain - a tough ramble over the moors to World's End, with two shorter options

A 15½ mile ramble from Coedpoeth, for experienced walkers only. (12½ mile and 8 mile shorter routes are available.)

"Minera Moorland".
Watercolour courtesy of Emily Bush
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For some time people have been asking us for a longer walk. Here it is, at last. But this one is not only long, it’s high as well, climbing to 565 metres (1853 feet).

The walk starts from Nant Mill and goes up the Clywedog Valley and onto the heather moorland above. There is then a choice of three routes, each with good viewpoints. There is no need to decide which route to take until you reach the moor, unless weather and available daylight are considerations.

The full route is 15½ miles long with a total ascent of 700 metres. However, there are two major short cuts available that would reduce the length to 12½ miles with a total ascent of 400 metres, or to 8 miles with a total ascent of 300 metres.

All of the routes demand a degree of planning and care. In winter, and during unsettled weather in any season, it is vital that you get a weather forecast. An early start for the long routes would be essential in winter or you will run out of daylight. The walks are not recommended for small children.

It can be cold and wet on the moor; it is always boggy. Wear good walking boots and carry waterproofs, torch, whistle, compass and food. Pack a snack for 8 miles and a good meal for the 12½ and 15½ mile walks. The longest route goes within ¾ mile of the Ponderosa at the top of the Horseshoe Pass. You may consider the extra excursion worthwhile for food and toilets.

There are notes about parking, public transport and access land in the preamble to the walk directions.

You can download and print concise Walk Directions, Points of Interest and a map at 1:40,000 scale. To cover the whole walk at a reasonable scale we’ve had to split the map between east and west sheets. Make sure you print off both parts! There is a generous overlap so you should have no problems with matching one to the other.

Overview Map

Please note that the overview map is not suitable for taking on the walk to find your way.

View larger version of the overview map

If you complete the 15½ mile walk, why not register on our 'List of Survivors' and share your experiences and thoughts about your ordeal?!

Don’t forget to send your best digital pictures for us to put in the photo gallery!

Public Transport

Please call traveline cymru on 0800 464 0000, text 84268, or visit www.traveline.info.

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We are grateful to the Countryside Council for Wales, Denbighshire County Council and Groundwork North Wales, without whose help this project could not have been completed.