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Wrexham's Historic Environment – Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and the World Heritage Site

Wrexham has a rich and diverse heritage that is evidenced in its wealth of historic buildings, landscapes, towns and archaeology that represent the historical development, growth and adaptation of the County Borough and the wider area over many centuries.

The planning system plays a significant role in the protection and conservation of the historic environment while helping to manage changes and accommodate and remain responsive to present-day needs. Wrexham County Borough Council as the Local Planning Authority has the statutory duty to manage and protect the historic environment.

The management and protection of the historic environment in Wales is set out within the following legislation:

The Historic Environment (Wales) Act is the most recent legislation for the management of the Historic Environment and amends two pieces of UK legislation — the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 and the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. The new Act has three main aims:

National Planning Policy

Planning Policy Wales (external link) sets out the land use planning policies of the Welsh Government. Chapter 6 covers the historic environment and emphasises that the positive management of change in the historic environment is based on a full understanding of the nature and significance of historic assets and the recognition of the benefits that they can deliver in a vibrant culture and economy.
Planning Policy Wales is supplemented by a series of Technical Advice Notes (TAN). Technical Advice Note 24: The Historic Environment (external link) contains detailed guidance on how the planning system considers the historic environment during development plan preparation and decision making on planning and listed building consent applications. TAN 24 replaces the following Welsh Office Circulars:

Best-practice guidance

Cadw have prepared and published a series of best-practice guidance documents intended to enhance the provisions of the Act. The first of these guidance documents include the following:

These documents, along with earlier Cadw guidance titles, can be downloaded for free from the Cadw website via the link below:

The Planning Department are committed to sustaining these valuable assets and can offer further information and advice on Wrexham’s historic Environment.