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Tourist Information Centre

We like to think our Tourist Information Centre in Lambpit Street is the fount of all knowledge.

Want to know where to find the hottest nightclubs? What night the Fron Choir are rehearsing? Or perhaps just the location of the nearest public toilet? Go ahead – just ask. Our staff are used to it. And they’re incredibly friendly, too.

So friendly that they want you to enjoy your visit as much as possible. And since there’s far too much to see to pack into a day, that may well involve finding the best place to stay the night. Or the week, come to that.

Let them know if you want to keep in touch with events, special deals and other visitor information throughout the year - they’ll add you to our email list.

And should you, heaven forbid, feel like venturing outside Wrexham, they can book you a bed ahead anywhere in the UK. We get on pretty well with our next-door neighbours. And we must admit that Snowdonia, Chester and the North Wales coast are all well worth a look – after you’ve visited Wrexham, of course.

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