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Winter Service

Winter service includes both precautionary and post salting for frost and ice, together with snow clearance.

Priority of Roads

Roads within the County Borough have been prioritised for treatment into priorities 1, 2 and 3.

Priority 1 roads are routes carrying substantial volumes of traffic having characteristics which require protection from frost throughout the night. These routes include both Class A and B roads and principle adopted roads to Industrial Estates.

Priority 2 roads are non principal roads that form main distributor routes in urban areas, access routes to smaller rural communities and schools, and remaining bus routes.

Priority 3 roads are all the remaining and treatment will normally be restricted to snow clearance or salting in times of snow or persistent pre-longed heavy ice. Snow clearance may be carried out by either Wrexham County Borough Council or by contractors retained on term contracts.

In snow conditions Priority 1 roads will be cleared first followed by Priority 2 and 3.

Service Objective

It is the intention to presalt Priority 1 roads before the onset of ice and frost in response to weather forecasts.

Weather forecasts are supplied under contract each day by 1.30 pm by MeteoGroup, including weekends and may be updated at any time.