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Access Keys

Keyboard access is important for users who do not have ability to use a pointing device

Each of the areas of the website has been constructed to allow users to bind keyboard strokes to actions.

Not only is this an essential tool for sections of the community it is a quick and easy way for everyone to navigate the site.

(1) Just press and hold the 'alt' key
(2) Then press the required letter
(3) Press the return key and let the browser do the rest.

Below is a complete list of the short cut keys to be used when navigating.

Please note:

Netscape (Apple Macintosh) does not understand the keyboard short cut commands for linking.

Access Keys for wrexham.gov.uk

UK Government Standard Access Keys:

S   Skip navigation
1   Homepage
2   What's new (only available on the homepage)
3   Sitemap
4   Search facility
5   Frequently asked questions
6   Help facility
7   Complaints procedure (only available on the homepage)
8   Disclaimers (including terms and privacy policy)
9   Feedback facility
0   The menu page of accesskeys used